Sunday, January 19, 2014


Well, we have a fully functioning computer again and I'm going to attempt to blog again. :) We will see.

We finished off the year with a lot of fun, but also a lot of just hanging out together around the house. Honestly, that's just the way I like it.

Danny is doing MUCH better with solids and will eat pretty much anything. We've even let him experiment with Cheerios, which he thought was totally awesome.  But the real fan of baby food turns out to be Ben. That kid will finish off any leftovers. He may not eat his veggies super great at dinner, but give them to him in baby food form and he thinks it's awesome. Goof.

I love seeing the kids all dressy for church. I was especially excited when I found suit jackets for all of the boys on Christmas clearance recently. SCORE! (this is pre-clearance find) Please forgive the President Obama photo-bomb in the background. :)

On his last day before break, Chandler's school did a Christmas program. Unfortunately, Michael had a client meeting and couldn't make it, so I pulled Jessica out of school an hour early so it was more special for Chandler. Super cute! Chandler is bottom center.

I have officially had my last birthday. 29! ;) Ok, actually the thought of my thirties doesn't really scare me - I'm done with school, married, kids, and a homeowner (though we don't actually get to live in it. Grr..). I think my 20s have been pretty great. I'm looking forward to enjoying one more year of them.  Chandler made me a candle at school (which is funny considering what "chandler" means) and insisted that we use it for my birthday. And thanks to my awesome friend who decided that moms should never have to make their own cakes, but also deserved good homemade ones, I got a great cake with no work. It was SO GOOD! And Stephie, I SWEAR I will return your cake platter one of these days.

Back in Idaho Falls I had a friend with five kids that would let each of her kids invite a friend over during holidays for some type of craft/activity. I was so amazed by her bravery. This year I decided to try and be brave. I let the kids each choose a friend to invite over to decorate gingerbread houses. Sadly, Ben's buddy was off on Christmas vacation already and we called about five of Chandler's school friends, only to have them have to cancel at the last minute because of lost car keys. :( But they were good sports and Jessica was happy to have her friend over for the fun.

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hales said...

Such cute pictures. Actually, such cute kids!